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Hi, I'm Alison. (she/her)

I'm a cisgender, queer woman in a hetero-presenting monogamish relationship.


You're probably here for one of three reasons.
1. You know you're not straight and you want to come out

to your partner but you don’t know what that looks like.


2. You’ve come out to your partner and now you want help figuring out what a great relationship looks like.

3. Things with your partner would be better if there was a more equitable division of labor in your home.

Here's a secret no one tells you...

There are no rules!


....even in getting to know yourself.

...even in a relationship.

...even in managing a home.

You get to decide what you want your relationship to look like. The way you co-create the relationship you want with your partner(s) is through conversation.

The relationship(s) you desire are possible.

I can help.

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